Solidarity Links

African American

  • Building Blocks for Youth An alliance of youth, adults, researchers, law enforcement professionals & community organizers that fights unequal treatment of youth of color caught up in the criminal justice system. Check out "Justice for Some" on this site for devastating statistics.
  • Harlem's Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture National research library devoted to preserving Black history, culture and photos.
  • NAACP News, events and training programs of the National Association of Colored People.
  • The National Archives Learning Curve Short history of the early NAACP and its magazine The Crisis, which notes William DuBois' ties to U.S. socialists, Marxism, and women's rights with links to related topics.

Alternative Media & News

  • Indy Media Collective of independent media organizations and journalists offering global grassroots coverage from an anti-corporate viewpoint.
  • Prensa Latina Latin American news source in Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese and Turkish.
  • Third World Network An independent news source on economies of developing countries, the WTO and women's issues.
  • Znet Z Magazine writers John Pilger, Naomi Klein, Vandana Shiva and others on the issues of the day.


  • Searchlight Combats fascism, racism and all forms of prejudice.

Anti-globalization Movement

  • ESF Information on and analysis of the European Social Forum and other world social forums.
  • Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia Discusses forces and issues in the anti-globalization movement and links the reader to related topics.

Civil Liberties

  • Center for Constitutional Rights Legal briefs, news, educational materials & events relating to the Patriot Act, prisoner rights, Guantanamo Bay, INS violations and protestor suits.
  • Free the Cuban Five Cuban nationals imprisoned in the U.S. for trying to stop ultra-right terrorist groups in Miami from carrying out violent actions against the people of Cuba.
  • Lynne Stewart Defense Committee Lynne Stewart is a veteran New York radical human rights attorney falsely accused of aiding terrorists in the US.
  • National Lawyers Guild Lawyers, law students and legal workers defending civil liberties and publicizing their current legal battles on behalf of demonstrators, unionists, & immigrants.


Immigrant Rights


  • Campaign for Labor Rights Mobilizes grassroots support for union organizing and to end labor abuses around the world.
  • Fired! Tales of the Canned, Cancelled, Downsized and Dismissed.
  • Labor Notes U.S. labor news, books and conferences.
  • Labor Tribune: Marxist commentary and resources for the Australian labor movement, ALP and the left. Labor Tribune aims to contribute to a renewal of socialist thought and practice in the labour movement. It is a resource for news, opinion and debate in the progressive and labour movements.
  • Maquila Solidarity Canadian network promoting solidarity with groups in Mexico, Central America, and Asia organizing in maquiladora factories and export processing zones to improve conditions and win decent wages.
  • US Labor Against the War Trade unionists active in the antiwar movement who call for an end to the US occupation of Iraq and for all military, political and economic authority to be returned to the people of Iraq.

Latin America



  • Behind the Mask Magazine on lesbian and gay affairs in Africa.
  • Gay Liberation Network Direct action, grassroots network against all forms of bigotry and hate crimes
  • Queers Without Borders. A radical queer blog space that defies spatial, physical, religious, gender, political and all other imposed boundaries

Marxist History and Theory

  • Marxists Internet Archive An encyclopedia of materials from Marxist writers and thinkers in many languages, operated by an all-volunteer, anti-profit group. Great for students!
  • Marx/Engels Archive Writings of the original thinkers and political organizers-Karl Marx and Frederick Engels-who founded the communist movement. Engels' book Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State is a classic analysis of why women are an oppressed sex!
  • Rosa Luxembourg Writings by the early 20th century German socialist writer and revolutionary

Mumia Abu-Jamal

Palestinian/Arab Rights



  • Campus The world's largest online database of student activists, groups, events, and resources.
  • Campus Anti-War Network Independent, democratic, grassroots network of students opposing the occupation of Iraq and military recruiters in our schools at campuses all over the country.
  • Student Action with Farmworkers Provides students from farmworker families with educational and career opportunities & other students with opportunities to work with farmworkers for social justice.
  • United Students Against Sweatshops Organizing resources, news and job opportunities for students who want to work against sweatshops in the U.S. and around world.