Nauru Protestors

refugee struggles

Refugee resistance links struggles and inspires solidarity

The current wave of rallies and marches across Australia reveals the strength of the movement.

Political Prisoners

Union movement fires up

Workers respond to the coalition inquiry laying the groundwork for an assault on working conditions

Stop fascism


Stamp out fascism before it grows!

Just as Nazis used anti-Semitism and racism to crush potential working class revolt, today’s fascists are churning up racism to defuse the growing protest here.

Talking Back


Talking Back: dynamic anthology by activists of colour

Contributors to RLP's new book share tales of survival, explore little-known history, and offer insightful cultural reviews.


The battle for Redfern

ISJA stands firm against campaign of police harassment



One Hundred Years of Australian Imperialism

Remember the ANZACs by Defeating the Warmongers