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worker's rights

CPSU organising and industrial action

Government is taking notice, but the battle is far from over

abortion rights

An exclusion zone will not stop anti-abortion harassment

A grassroots movement will!

In Memory

Ray Jackson: “Call me Comrade.”

Alison Thorne reflects on the life of a resolute activist.

In Memory

Melbourne memorial meeting remembers Ray Jackson

An agitator and stirrer to emulate!

No Pride in Prisons

queer struggles

No Pride in Prisons

The fight for trans rights in New Zealand prisons

Ray Jackson

In Memory

Wise words from Ray Jackson

“Making criminals of society’s most vulnerable keeps the poor in their place and the streets ‘safe’ for business.”

Unemployment in Weimar Germany


Crush fascism before it grows!

Vital lessons from the past.


united front

Campaign Against Racism and Fascism takes a bold step forward

On 24 September 2015, the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF) officially declared itself a united front, based on eight points of unity.

Melbourne Rally


Melbourne, Australia – A participant’s report from the front lines:

Huge rally confronts fascists and explodes the myth of police neutrality