Health workers for refugees

refugee rights

Health workers speak out for refugee rights

Across the country, health workers are refusing to send children back to detention, knowing that conditions there are making them sick.

Aboriginal Rights

We will demand justice for TJ and we will march!

After the 2014 march, the police Superintendent declared, “there will be no more Hickey marches.” The movement to stop Aboriginal deaths in custody had other ideas!


Touch one, touch all: Racism, the fascist threat and how unions can fight it

Come to this public meeting of unionists sharing their perspectives about how, as a movement, we can stop this danger.


Public service bargaining battle Union launches fund to sustain stood-down workers

Happy New Year to the 160,000 public servants — most who’ve not had a pay rise for two-and-a-half years!

Trans rights

queer struggles

Women’s Liberation needs Transgender Warriors

Radical Women answers Germaine Greer


Police Abuse

End the cover-up of police abuse Victorian campaign to stop police investigating-police

While the Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission has the word “independent” in its title, it is anything but!

WCF protest

queer struggles

Pride 2016: Fight the fascists, bury the bigots and halt the homophobes!

Our united front contingent will highlight the continued struggle for LGBTIQA rights against the fascists, bigots, homophobes, and all the collective dross of the far right.

NUW Protesters


Eradicate fascism through a united front: Why unions are crucial

Since April, broad community organising has repeatedly repelled the fascist United Patriots Front (UPF) and the far-right Reclaim Australia (RA) in Melbourne and Bendigo.