What we stand for

The Freedom Socialist Organiser is the new Australian voice of revolutionary
feminism. The Organiser’s goal is to reach out and inspire readers to join the
rewarding fight for a socialist feminist and sustainable future.

The Organiser aims to popularise the need for radical change. It is optimistic, funny
and fierce. It combines ideas with proposals for action. It puts forward reality-based
solutions and passes on lessons learned yesterday to win today’s battles. It recognises,
supports and seeks to unify the leadership of working class women, immigrants,
Indigenous people, rank and file unionists, students, queers and all who are fighting

The world economy is profoundly troubled — experiencing the most severe crisis
since the Great Depression 80 years ago. This presents opportunities for a rapid
mobilisation of the working class to defend and extend hard won gains. On the other
hand, there’s a real risk the far Right may grow stronger. Such a period requires new
leaders to step forward. As a revolutionary organisation, the Freedom Socialist Party
is eager to give the best and most passionate class fighters a home. We aim to inspire
revolts against injustice and exploitation everywhere!

We’re Marxist feminists. We fight for women’s liberation, because true freedom
for women challenges every single basis on which capitalism rests. We’re lesbian/
gay/bi/transgender liberationists, unionists, and implacable fighters for Indigenous
rights and the rights of all oppressed people because not one of us will be truly free
unless all of us are truly free. We’re champions for the environment because we
understand that capitalism will destroy our planet, and all of us with it, if it can.

If ever there was a time to get involved in making radical change, now is it! Read
our publication, come to FSP meetings or give us a call and tell us how we can work
together. We look forward to hearing from you.