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Wednesday, December 7, 7 pm

Public forum on the meaning of Trump’s victory—and what’s next

“No business as usual” is the theme of an open conversation about the November 8th Presidential election where issues of race, gender, class and immigration were front and center.

Three panelists will kick off the discussion: Sikivu Hutchinson, author and educator, founder of Women’s Leadership Project, shop steward, SEIU Local 721, and contributing editor for The Feminist Wire; Yolanda Alaniz, Coordinator of L.A. Freedom Socialist Party Comrades of Color Caucus; author of Viva la Raza: A History of Chicano Identity and Resistance; and former Seattle City Council candidate; and Jim Lafferty, Executive Director Emeritus of National Lawyers Guild, L.A. Chapter, and host of the National Lawyers Guild Show on Pacifica Radio. Speakers will consider the impact of racism and sexism and the question of class to the election outcome; address strategies for defeating bigotry in a polarized U.S.; and look at the potential for an independent labor party.

The event will be held at the Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research, 6120 S. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles. (Accessible by MTA Bus 204, Express Bus 754, the Dash Southeast Bus, and Metro Expo Line 806)

Doors open at 6:30pm. Door donation $5.00 (no one turned away). Desserts and snacks $3-$6.00 served before the program.

Auspices: Freedom Socialist Party. For more information: 323-732-6416, fspla@earthlink.net, Facebook.com/fspla