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(located seven blocks from Civic Center BART and on or near the #19, 31, 47, 48 & 49 Muni bus lines.)

Phone: 415-864-1278.

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Monday through Friday, 1:00-5:00pm. Or call for an appointment!

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August 28, September 25, October 23

FSP Fourth Friday Forums

Friday, August 28, 7:00 PM: Why Confront Ultra-Right Bigots? When anti-Jewish, white supremacist groups announce a rally or commit blatant racist acts, pundits often advise the public to “just ignore them” as a lunatic fringe. Meet two unionists who believe that mobilizing our communities to stand up and show unity in action is key to burying neo-fascists. Toni Mendicino demonstrated against the Klan when they rallied in support of the confederate flag July 18 in South Carolina. Daryle Washington protested a noose hanging in his San Francisco workplace at Recology. Nancy Reiko Kato, who was also in Columbia, S. Carolina, will present a slideshow of the demo against the KKK.

September 25—The Friedrichs Case: An Attack on Labor and California Teachers Unions October 23—The Revolutionary Legacy of Leon Trotsky

Doors open at 6:30 PM. Door donation $3, snack plates ($6). Sliding scale and work exchanges available. For more information call 415-864-1278, email

Thursdays, October 1 & 8

Talking Back: Voices of Color — 4-week Reading and Discussion Circle

Talking Back: Voices of Color is a new anthology featuring writings by youth, feminists, political prisoners, immigrants, and history makers. Using selections from the book, we’ll explain issues of racism, race relations, building multi-hued coalitions and working intergenerational. Discuss how to apply these ideas to fight injustice and build a movement of resistance. Everyone is welcome.

Thursdays, October 1 & 8, 7:00pm-8:30pm. $2 per session; Books available for purchase.

Friday, October 23, 7:00 PM

Trotsky’s Revolutionary Ideas – A Guide for Rebellious Mexico Today

From striking Oaxacan teachers and angry protesters for the disappeared Ayotzinapa 43, to the resistance of imprisoned Indigenous leader Nestora Salgado, Mexico today is a land in revolt. But how to translate rebellion into insurrection for lasting change? Bolshevik leader Leon Trotsky was an architect of the Russian Revolution along with Lenin. He drew from his experiences to develop principles for building socialist movements, ideas that still resonate. Discuss how his concepts are relevant to contemporary uprisings south of the border.

Doors open at 6:30pm. Door $3, Snack Plates $6 (sliding scale and work exchanges available)