New Freeway Hall

5018 Rainier Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98118
(At S. Hudson St., four blocks
south of S. Alaska St.)
Wheelchair accessible.

Directions via Public Transit
By bus take the #7 and get off at S.
Hudson St.
By light rail get off at the Columbia
City station; then it’s a short walk east.

On street parking is usually available,
and if not, there is an inexpensive
public lot two blocks away on S.
Ferdinand St, just east of Rainier Ave. S.

Phone: 206-722-2453
Fax: 206-723-7691

Public Hours
Monday through Friday, 10am-8:30pm. Or call for an appointment!

New Freeway Hall is available for rent. Click here for more information!

Seattle Statements and News
FSP recommendations for the Nov. 5, 2013 Washington State General Election
To leave coal behind, take the profits out of the energy industry!

Every Sunday starting January 26, 3:00 - 4:30 PM

Discussion Circle: The Communist Manifesto

This short book has been a primer for working class people around the world who want to understand why, under capitalism, do the rich keep getting richer? Why are workers' wages going down even though productivity is rising?

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels continue to shake up the 1%by proving that capitalism is unfixable and that socialism is a logical and attainable solution.

This group will be held at 4710 University Way NE, Suite 100.
Call Adrienne at 206-713-8056 if you need to be buzzed in.

Sessions are free. Book is available for $5 or it can be downloaded for free.

Sunday, May 4, 1:00 PM

May Day Celebration - Socialism on Main Street - An Inspiring Vision for Tomorrow

Imagine working in a world of shared abundance, with a renaissance of art and culture, a world in harmony with nature. Join the discussion on how to make this vision a reality.

Speaker Mark Drummond is a socialist feminist organizer who help kick off Occupy Seattle Sunday, May 4, 2:00pm, doors open at 1:00pm.

$3 door donation, $1 students and strikers. Brunch Buffet $9. New Freeway Hall See directions above For information 206-722-2453 or To request childcare or work exchange, please call two days ahead.