New Freeway Hall

5018 Rainier Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98118
(At S. Hudson St., four blocks
south of S. Alaska St.)
Wheelchair accessible.

Directions via Public Transit
By bus take the #7 and get off at S.
Hudson St.
By light rail get off at the Columbia
City station; then it’s a short walk east.

On street parking is usually available,
and if not, there is an inexpensive
public lot two blocks away on S.
Ferdinand St, just east of Rainier Ave. S.

Phone: 206-722-2453
Fax: 206-723-7691

Public Hours
Monday through Friday, 10am-8:00pm. Or call for an appointment!

New Freeway Hall is available for rent. Click here for more information!

Seattle Statements and News
FSP recommendations for the Nov 4, 2014 Washington State General Election

Begins Monday, July 6, 6:30 PM

Study Circle on Eco-Marxism

Getting red to save green earth

Fossil fuels are warming the planet, oil spills pollute the ocean, and fracking creates tremors. We’ll examine both the scientific and political reasons a movement demanding radical change is necessary to meet human needs and protect the Earth.

The readings will examine how the drive for profit not only affects the air we breathe, but tramples on indigenous rights and creates environmental racism. Socialist feminist perspectives and solutions to environmental destruction will be highlighted.

Starts Monday, July 6
Meets every Monday from 6:30 to 8pm

Victrola Coffee & Art
411-15th Ave E, Seattle 98122

For reading materials click here.

Sponsored by the Freedom Socialist Party
For more information, call Mark at 913-707-0806 or email

Friday, July 17, 7:00 PM

Special guest speaker Dr. Sam Solomon on Revolutionary Feminism

Dr. Sam Solomon, Co-director of the Centre for Study of Sexual Dissidence at the University of Sussex, will discuss the rising interest in socialist feminist ideas and activism in the U.K.

Dr. Solomon writes on the connections of queer and women’s liberation to economics. He will also discuss current activism, highlighting the lead taken by women of color against migrant detention centres. A native of New York City, Solomon is a lecturer on English and Creative Writing at the University of Sussex in England.

Door donation $3.00 • Doors open at 6:30pm
Desserts & Snack Plates $2.50-$7.00

New Freeway Hall, address above.

Co-sponsors: Radical Women & Freedom Socialist Party
For info, please call 206-722-2453 or email
To reserve childcare, please call two days in advance.