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FSP Australia statement to commemorate International Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013

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Wednesday 6 January – 3 February, 6:30 PM

Study Circle – An introduction to James P Cannon, the trade unions and the revolutionary party

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Cannon was an extraordinary life long class struggle fighter. He started his political life as an anarchist with the Industrial Workers of the World before helping found the Communist Party in the U.S. After he read a paper by Trotsky analysing Stalinism, he threw in his lot with the Left Opposition. This study circle will provide an introduction to this his ideas about how to make a revolution in the belly of the U.S. beast by examining the tactics for socialists working in the union movement and crucial role of the vanguard party. We’ll read selections by Cannon written from 1924 – 1967.

Wednesday 6 January
Session # 1: An introduction to James P Cannon: life, legacy and the American revolution

Recommended reading:
Guerry Hoddersen: A man, and a mentor, for all seasons
Special Supplement: Thesis on the American Revolution

Wednesday 20 January
Session # 2: James P Cannon on the role of revolutionaries in the trade union movement

Recommended reading:
Excerpts James P. Cannon on the role of unions in liberating the working class Our aims and tactics in the trade unions

Wednesday 3 February
Session # 3: The Revolutionary Party: It’s role in the struggle for socialism

Recommended reading:
The Revolutionary Party: It’s role in the struggle for socialism

Dinner will be served at 6:30 pm for an $8.50 donation and the discussion will start at 7 pm.

The study circle will be held at Solidarity Salon (address and travel information is above).

For more information or for a copy of the study questions: or call 03-9388-0062.

Saturday 6 February, 2:00 PM

Touch one, touch all: Racism, the fascist threat and how unions can fight it

Unionists are Muslim and non-Muslim, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, people of all ethnicities, women and men, queer and straight. We make up a movement with the power to mobilise our workplaces and communities against any injustice. We are now facing a growing threat from the far right and neo-Nazis, who are organising around Islamophobia to divide and attack us all and our unions.

Come to this public meeting of unionists. A diverse range of speakers will talk about their experiences and share their perspectives about how, as a movement, we can stop this danger.


• Kath Larkin, Victorian Women’s Officer, Rail, Tram and Bus Union
• Omar Merhi, Organiser, Electrical Trade Union
• Sebastian Suryono, Member, Community and Public Sector Union
• Tim Gooden, Secretary, Geelong Trades Hall

Saturday, 6 February, 2.00 pm

Meeting Room 1, Victorian Trades Hall, Lygon and Victoria Streets, Carlton

For information, follow Campaign Against Racism and Fascism on Facebook

Wednesday 24 February, 6:30 PM

FSP Meeting: Indigenous Australia, racism and national oppression

What’s the basis for the oppression of Australia’s First Nations people? Why is it crucial to recognise sovereignty and support demands for genuine treaties with each nation? How do Marxists recognise nations?

This meeting will feature a presentation examining both racism and national oppression and the distinction between the two. It will also include an eyewitness account from FSP members just back from the Sydney rally marking the 12th anniversary of the death in custody of TJ Hickey. We’ll also discuss a piece by Guerry Hoddersen and Clara Fraser exploring the connection between Marxism and First Nations people’s battle for sovereignty, titled “Fighting words on the humanity of Marxism.”

Dinner will be served at 6:30 pm for an $8.50 donation and the meeting will start at 7 pm.

The meeting will be held at Solidarity Salon (address and travel information is above).

For more information or a copy of the discussion questions: or call 03-9388-0062.