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Wednesday 17 August, 6:30 pm

Freedom Socialist Party meeting: Understanding why speculative bubbles burst

Join us to study a fascinating article by economist Ismael Hossein-Zadeh, who explains how finance capital creates the instabilities of today’s financial markets. The piece, titled Marx on Financial Bubble: Much Keener Insights Than Contemporary Economists, was published in July by Counterpunch. We’ll cover key concepts, such as the Marxist theory of value and fictitious capital. Plus we’ll gain an appreciation of how Marxism has answers to questions that neoliberal and Keynesian economists cannot explain.

The meeting takes place while the Rio Olympics are in full swing. We will also pay tribute to the multi-racial team of medal-winning athletes — Tommie Smith, Peter Norman and John Carlos — who, in 1968, defied the rules and put the civil rights movement in the global spotlight.

A special Brazilian style dinner will be served at 6:30 pm for an $8.50 donation. The discussion commences at 7 pm.

The meeting will be held at Solidarity Salon (address and travel information is above). For more information, contact or call 03 9388 0062.