us politics

Not politics as usual

The populist appeal of “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders and the outrageous rise of TV reality star Donald Trump: what the HECK is going on?

Dennis Sanders, Andrea Bauer

political prisoners

Dissent and punishment

In Mexico, Nestora Salgado mounts a courageous fast; in the U.S., Mumia Abu-Jamal needs support to get proper medical care.

Megan Cornish, Lois Danks

voices of color

Welcome to America?

An immigrant’s trip into the U.S. is a trip through hell.

Hugo Orellana

book review

The Underground Girls of Kabul

A true story of how Afghan girls postpone crushing oppression by posing as boys.

Sarah Scott


“Guatemala Spring”

Will huge, prolonged protests of government corruption bring meaningful change?


Open the borders and dump capitalism

Instead of scapegoating millions of refugees, attack the root of the problem!


Defend Planned Parenthood

Time to hit the streets to defend reproductive rights for all women.


Labor Weather Report

A glance at how some workers and their unions are faring in the class struggle.

Linda Averill

letters to the editor

Readers weigh in on …

Rasmea Odeh, Trotsky’s legacy, right-to-work laws, and a call to remove Jackson from the $20 bill.

Premature celebration


Europe’s rulers discipline Greeks

The crippling austerity despised by Greek workers signals gloves-off class war.

The rent won’t wait


$15 NOW … 30-for-40 later?

Organizers shoot for an immediate $15/hr. minimum wage in Tacoma, Wash. Also: how the concept of 30 hours for 40 hours’ pay could end unemployment.

Antifascists in London

right wing

Threat of 21st century fascism

How best to fight Nationalism and racism in Europe and the U.S.? Also: Why ignoring the KKK is a bad idea.

I have an ID card


Deportation and betrayal

The Dominican Republic is banning Haitian workers and their children … even those born in the D.R. (English, español)

Irrigated field


The deepening California drought

Effective — rather than profitable — actions are needed to address this crisis.

A crow

radical women

Are you a good witch?

Trick question! It doesn’t matter. From medieval herbalists to modern midwives, women healers have always been under attack.

Solitary hell


Behind prison walls

Gay and trans inmates are plagued by institutionalized bigotry.