Disappearing jobs

Automation can and should improve our lives, not lead to unemployment and profits for a few.

Muffy Sunde


In-ter-sec-tion-al-i-ty (n.)

Its meaning and its potential for movement-building.

Christina López


Take profit out of the medical industry

Republican plans to overturn Obamacare are a horror, but the Affordable Care Act was never the real solution.

Steven Strauss


“Right to Work” is wrong

Working people are fighting hard to defend their right to unionize.

Linda Averill

police state

Thou shalt not disrupt

Panicked politicians are coming up with laws to stifle free speech and dissent.

Jared Houston


Fannie Lou Hamer

The life and times of a celebrated civil rights leader has meaning for struggles today.

Claudia Li


Protecting Ecuador

Native Shuar people resist giant corporate mining projects that are despoiling the land.

Daniel Vila


Obscene wealth

The richest eight people now own more than the poorest 3.6 billion. Are you sure that’s not a typo?

Megan Cornish

radical women

Eleanor Marx: A Life

Spotlight on a socialist feminist pioneer.

Helen Gilbert


For self-defense against neo-Nazis

Bullies turn coward when confronted.


Standing with the trans community

Human rights don’t change at state borders.


Mexico in rebellion

Energy price hike sparks massive protests.


Labor Weather Report

A glance at how some workers and their unions are faring in the class struggle.

Lois Danks

letters to the editor

Readers weigh in on ...

Turkey, Japanese internment, the Women’s March, and more.

Ida B Wells quote

independent press

Shine the light of truth

Help the Freedom Socialist newspaper cover expenses by supporting its $100,000 fund drive.

We Rise - Adelante


A house divided

While some union leaders cozy up to Trump based on his promise of new jobs, others are spitting fire. (English, español)

Sahara and Sahel


A killer climate

Dry, dryer, dryest ... the Sahara’s growth threatens Africa’s land and people. Massive, immediate aid from the richest countries is critical.

My Land is Your Land


Making sanctuary real

“World-wide welcome” is the claim on the base of the Statue of Liberty. We can band together to make it so.

My Land is Your Land


EU: a house of cards?

Angry residents of member nations have had it with austerity and chaos.

Lynne Stewart

in memoriam

Lynne Stewart, 1939-2017

A people’s lawyer and political prisoner who fought the good fight.