Bernie Sanders

presidential elections

Bernie Sanders’ candidacy

A Marxist exploration of Sanders, political revolution, and socialism.

Monica Hill


Justice for Berta Cáceres!

The assassination of the Honduran environmental activist is part of a deadly pattern.

presidential elections

Trump’s appalling rise

The electoral season seems especially wacky this time — but it is the logical result of a bipartisan crisis long in the making.

by Andrea Bauer


Angry? You’re not alone, sister!

Longtime economic and social oppression are wearing thin, and women are getting ticked off.

by Andrea Weever

book review

The Farming of Bones

A beautiful, terrible tale of forgotten Haitian people.

by Bernadette Logue

from the archives

The power that heals

When in revolt, there’s no substitute for working-class solidarity.

by Clara Fraser


Nestora Salgado freed

An organizer against drug lords and corrupt politicians is finally released. It’s a good start!


Outlawing pro-Palestinian activism

Stop the Israeli campaign against BDS.


Socialist Alternative’s “Bernie tactic”

It’s opportunistic, not socialist.


Labor Weather Report

A glance at how some workers and their unions are faring in the class struggle.

Linda Averill

letters to the editor

Political prisoner news ...

Also: a salute to Heidi Durham, thanks for the article on Puerto Rico, and more.

A boy and his bike in 


Syria bombarded

Imperialist powers attack Syria to halt revolutionary change in the Mideast.

The Jim Crow states

people of color / labor

Racist origins of right-to-work laws.

Slavery and Jim Crow paved the way for the misnamed, anti-union legislation. Also: Fighting Friedrichs, the current attack on organized labor.

B-52 bomber at work

us government

State Department: the good cop?

The “bad cop” Pentagon uses military force while the State Dept. uses diplomatic pressure — but both options are wielded as tools of war.

The Peace Squadron facing down U.S. ships


US Navy expands its reach

New Zealand’s historic and heroic ban of U.S. warships is being compromised by “junior imperialists” in the N.Z. government.

A Walmart warehouse worker


The 8-hour day didn’t just happen

In celebration of May Day, a look at Karl Marx’s writings on the struggle for a shorter workday.

Three siblings carrying water


Flint’s toxic water crisis

Local officials put profit above the community’s health and safety — and the community fights back.

Visiting an open-air market


A visit to political prisoners in Mexico

“It is enormous support to have solidarity from other countries.” English, español