Free Nestora Salgado

political prisoners

International day of protest

August 21: Hit the streets in support of imprisoned community self-defense leader.

Megan Cornish


Lessons from Seattle’s $15/hr. fight

Helpful facts and analysis for campaigns seeking to raise the minimum wage.

Doreen McGrath


Far right gains in Europe

Austerity breeds big losses for governing parties in European Union Parliament.

Luma Nichol


Boycotting Israel

A call to artists and musicians urging them to show solidarity with Palestinians.

Dennis Sanders


Prison censorship

California’s attempt to imprison the mind as well as the body.

Lois Danks


NYPD raids on Harlem

It’s really about eliminating public housing.


Border refugee plight

U.S. government caused the flight of immigrants, and is now trying to whip up mob bigotry.


More Israeli madness

Israeli’s genocide against Palestinians approved by White House and Congress.

letters to the editor

Readers’ thoughts on ...

El Salvador’s new government; Ukraine; LGBT rights; and social deprivation in prison.

Home healthcare aide


Sabotaging the right to unionize

The Supreme Court ruled home healthcare aides are “right to work” employees — get ready for more attacks on the public sector.

Protest in Peru

indigenous struggles

Giant mines scar land and people

Across Latin America, vast pit mines destroy entire mountains and poison water and soil — but locals are fighting back. English, español

A world to win, a planet to save


Spirits high at FSP convention

General overview in English and español; views from a first-timer; a word from Mexico’s Partido Obrero Socialista; and a convention diary covering the four days of planning and hard work in Los Angeles.

Refugees from Mosul


Iraq combusts

Fundamentalist onslaught: made in the USA.

Haitian woman


Exploited and expendable

It’s the 21st century, yet women’s lives and rights are still in jeopardy worldwide.

Ms. Anna and the Tears from the Healing Tree — detail from book cover

book review

A summer read with substance

A magical realism novel delves into the tangled heart of Black/white female relations.



Environmental racism in urban communities of color: an ecosocialist response

Americans of color fight back against racist placement of polluting, toxic plants.