War begets terrorism


War and other acts of terrorism

“Fighting terror” is a pretext for war, racism, and political repression. Defending refugees is critical to uniting opposition.

Steven Strauss, Miriam Padilla


Manhattan Project: a secret killer

Atomic research areas are still deadly 70 years later.

Yolanda Alaniz


Obama’s deportation surge

Rhetoric aside, the White House is no friend to immigrants.


Saudi aggression is US-fueled

The U.S. government is okay with beheading, but only if it’s done by an ally — and arms customer.


Bombing Syria

Russia is causing civilian misery at home and abroad.


Labor Weather Report

A glance at how some workers and their unions are faring in the class struggle.

Linda Averill

letters to the editor

International solidarity

Also: Friedrichs v. CTA; a thank you note for past support; and criticism of Bernie Sanders.

Eric Garner protest in NYC

people of color

Black Lives Matter

It’s launched a bold movement. Will it develop a class-based radical agenda?

Life on the farm, in Baja


A heroic strike in Baja California

Farmworkers point the way for a militant Mexican labor thrust.

Banana workers


Jailing the leaders

Leftists and unionists persecuted in Mexico and Costa Rica are examples of a growing international trend: criminalizing protest. (English, español)

You are not forgotten

radical women

“No more stolen sisters”

Canadian First Nations demand action on missing and murdered women.

South African student rally


South African students stop fee hikes …

And join university workers to halt outsourcing. More to come!

Close-up of a leaf

book review

Marx’s ecology

Discovering Karl Marx, the essential environmentalist.