Making America Hate Again

us elections

Fascist ideology revival

This election cycle is not the first time the slogan “America First” has been trumpeted. U.S. fascists and Nazi sympathizers have used it since World War I.

Megan Cornish


“You’ll always lose in Melbourne”

This is the chant that Aboriginal people and leftists and others shouted at neo-fascists who share the delusion that they were the first ones on the continent.

Debbie Brennan


Argentina up in arms

The leadership loves big business. The populace is storming through the streets, feeling no such love. Is a general strike on its way?

Monica Hill

voices of color

The “Forgotten War”

It has never been forgotten in Korea, but in the United States the Korean War is recalled mostly through M*A*S*H reruns. Hardly War author Don Mee Choi’s evocative book of poetry, prose, and images aims to change that.

Sue Mi Ko


Victory for Orlando Barrantes!

The radical labor leader, with help from his allies, beats trumped-up charges from the Costa Rican government.


1916 Everett Massacre

One hundred years ago two vessels of Wobblies riding to support timber workers were ambushed by sheriff’s vigilantes in Everett, Wash. Twelve Wobblies were killed and 27 wounded. Two deputies were killed, 20 wounded. And union solidarity was never forgotten.

Dennis Sanders


Boycott continues to rattle the Zionists

Pro-Palestinian Boycott Divestment and Sanctions campaign has successfully exposed Israeli human rights abuse. Israel and its Zionist friends in the U.S. have mounted a seriously repressive backlash.

Steven Strauss

television review

Sting like a “Bee”

Full Frontal, featuring Samantha Bee, is a rare offering (for TV) of brazen feminist satire. She spares nothing and nobody in politics or public life.

Tamara Turner


India’s general strike largest in human history

When 180 million workers go on strike, it cannot and will not be ignored.


Labor Weather Report

A glance at how some workers and their unions are faring in the class struggle.

Lois Danks

letters to the editor

Inmates speak out on ...

Pay for Texas inmates and Black Lives Matter. Also: praise for Prison Radio; the Lummi Nation wins over Big Coal; and a note on neighborhood organizing.

Support march in Melbourne


Bribery, slavery, and soccer

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is rife with corruption and abuse, both of the system and, especially, of migrant workers. (English, español)

Pride March NYC

police state

For genuine police accountability in NYC

An elected civilian review board is the only way.

Long food line


Venezuela in crisis

Crippling inflation and a lack of consumer goods: some of the hazards of a “mixed economy.” Concrete steps for recovery outlined here.

Prison guard on horseback

prison and labor

Inmates on strike

Is slavery dead in the United States? A nationwide, historic movement of prisoner workers on strikes strives to make it so.

Tents and the LA skyline

oppressed groups

Homelessness in LA

There are 47,000 homeless people in Los Angeles County. Read that figure again, and be outraged. The local politicians certainly aren’t. Here are some good solutions.

Court clerks picketing


Bay Area unions gear up

A small union of clerks and janitors in Santa Clara County showed the way — they went on strike and won! Now’s the time for public workers to ring doorbells for themselves, not for another capitalist for president.

Signs outside the courtroom


Freedom Foundation vs. public unions

A packed Seattle-area courtroom opposes far-right union busters in the Pacific Northwest, and plans the next demonstration.

Standing Rock logo


Common ground at Standing Rock

Water is life. Hundreds of nations and thousands of supporters are saying just that — together — in North Dakota.

Kneeling for the anthem


Solidarity with kneeling athletes

Protest is “un-American?” Who says!? Since when!?