Syrian refugees


Fire in the Middle East

Counterrevolution is taking a heavy toll.

Monica Hill

people of color

Indictment of a racist system

The Charleston killings call for action: to protest the deaths and address the forces behind the carnage.

in memoriam

Norma Abdulah, 1921-2015

Harlem native was a passionate fighter for race, gender, and economic equality.

movie review

Cartel Land — documentary loses its way

Comparing communities fighting for their lives in Mexico to a few U.S. right-wing fascists is baffling — and misleading.

Christina López


Teachers of the world, unite!

Everywhere you look, teachers are fighting for schools and students.


Re-elect Kshama Sawant

Critical support for a much needed socialist counterpoint at Seattle City Hall.

letters to the editor

Feedback from our readers ...

Letters on voting rights, Cuba, and Native lives, and an update on illegally fired adjunct Mick Parsons.

Detail of a Rivera mural


Indispensable revolutionary

Powerful ideas for today’s struggles: a look at Leon Trotsky’s legacy seventy-five years after his assassination.

Nestora Salgado on transport plane

political prisoners

Nestora Salgado perseveres

A visit with the imprisoned comandante after her hunger strike. (English, español)

U.S. delegation to Mexico


U.S. delegation to Mexico

Raising international support for Nestora Salgado and other political prisoners, building ties to other movements. (English, español)



Shell-ing out the planet

Tribes and environmentalists put out a big “Not Welcome” mat on Seattle’s doorstep for the arrogant oil giant.

Job training center


Bring back affirmative action!

Because the playing field still isn’t level. And by the way, whatever happened to job training?

Antifascist counterdemo

dateline australia

Facing off with fascists

An alliance of Melbourne activists are spiritedly countering a recent spate of far-right, anti-immigrant rallies.

Combat boot in fuchsia


Military chic

To justify spending more than the rest of the world (combined!) on arms, the Pentagon needs a killer ad campaign ...