Pine Ridge reservation, South Dakota

indigenous struggles

Native Lives Matter campaign takes off

“Undeclared race war” by cops inspires push-back in South Dakota.

Lois Danks

political prisoners

Fresh support for Nestora Salgado

Human rights commission orders Mexican government to guarantee the life and safety of this imprisoned community self-defense leader.

Megan Cornish


Angela Merkel’s balancing act

Germany’s chancellor finds hostility against immigrants useful — but also knows the country relies on their cheap labor.

William T. Hathaway

the latest

Dissent and punishment

Updates on Mumia Abu-Jamal, Rasmea Odeh, and Marissa Alexander.

Sarah Scott, Robin Strauss, Margaret Viggiani


Cheer up, Chomsky

Based on his essay about the likely end of civilization, does the Left have a new Debbie Downer?

Steven Strauss

book reviews

A fascinating range of books by FS writers

Three eclectic titles: a fable imagining revolution, a polemic about linguistics, and an argument for people-centered information systems.

Andrea Bauer, Toni Mendicino, Tamara Turner


Tesoro oil refinery picket

Refinery workers demand the right to clock out alive.

Steve Hoffman


Right-to-work laws

Or are they “right to starve” laws?


Gender wage gap

It should be fixed in 50 years or so. Wait, what?


Net neutrality

An FCC decision affirms that the Internet belongs to us all — for now.


Labor Weather Report

A glance at how some workers and their unions are faring in the class struggle.

letters to the editor

Feedback on the Middle East …

Plus insights about Ukraine and a note from prison.

Small business owner in Havana


Cuba at a crossroads

Will lifting the embargo be capitalism’s Trojan Horse? And what can Cubans do to save their revolution? English, español

The falling ruble


Oil and world domination

From the flowing wells of Saudi Arabia to the falling Russian ruble, oil still determines destiny.

An injury to one is an injury to all


Boston school bus drivers vs. Veolia

Steelworkers’ local refuses to bow to union-busting moves.

The Wall

voices of color

From graffiti girl to organizer

One young daughter of immigrants tells the story of her revolutionary education.

Syriza supporters


Greece: new party at the helm

The people voted for jobs and healthcare and against price hikes and cutbacks. Will Syriza deliver?

The Morning Star

dateline australia

West Papua: a stolen country

Oppressed by Indonesia for decades, a once-independent nation gains allies in its quest for self-determination.

March on Selma

civil rights

Fifty years of the Voting Rights Act

The fight for the right to vote, yesterday and today.

Islamaphobia in France


Not everyone is Charlie Hebdo

What side to take when free speech collides with defense of the persecuted?