Mexico in rebellion
volume 38
issue 2
April 2017

After decades of U.S. imposed neoliberal austerity and destructive free-trade agreements, Mexico’s working class and indigenous peasants continue to struggle at a feverish pitch. And how could it be otherwise? Nearly half of the people live below the official poverty line because of low wages that rank barely above those in Honduras and Haiti!

Mexicans have a proud history of struggle, especially when it comes to opposing the imperialist bully power to the north. Last year the teachers rose up against President Peña Nieto’s attack on their unions. Then in January 2017 the workers and impoverished took to the streets to revolt against a 20 percent hike in energy prices.

This gasolinazo protest resulted in hundreds of imprisonments and two deaths when police fired on protesters, just as they did last year during teachers’ demonstrations. Workers, peasants and community activists on both occasions joined forces in a mighty quasi-insurrectional power to challenge the Mexican state — the principle agent of repression and defender of Wall Street interests.

The current combativeness of our Mexican class allies is downright awesome. And it creates more opportunities to reach across the Rio Grande and forge international, working-class solidarity to free us all.