For self-defense against neo-Nazis
volume 38
issue 2
April 2017

Anybody with an ounce of sense defends themselves from neo-Nazis — in word and deed. So when Alt-Right Milo Yiannopolous and fellow thugs descended on the University of Washington and U.C. Berkeley campuses, they were far outnumbered by loud, disruptive anti-Nazi protesters.

Instead of celebrating this as a win for the forces of global toleration and equality, the mainstream media and university administrations accused our side of “violence” for daring to mobilize the community to chase Yiannopolous off campus.

But it was an armed right-winger who shot and nearly killed a leftist counter-demonstrator at the U.W. The ultra right wing is violent by definition. As scabs, white supremacists, clinic bombers, gay bashers, racist minutemen at the border, they are stand-ins for a frightened ruling class desperate to stifle revolt over a system that is revolting. Ignoring them emboldens them.

Victimized and oppressed people have the right and responsibility to defend ourselves from both state and “unofficial” terror. Only a united defense of all the targeted can stop them. Defense guards at abortion clinics, strong picket lines at labor strikes, armed self-defense of civil rights organizers, disciplined protests against Nazis — that’s what works. Nazis, like all bullies, are cowards when we stand up to them.