Standing with the trans community
volume 38
issue 2
April 2017

When the Supreme Court refused to hear a case brought by a young trans man and in fact overturned his victory in a lower court, they sentenced trans youth to continuing harassment, beatings, illnesses, suicides, and murders!

This deplorable decision was engineered by the Trump regime when they overturned the nationwide guideline requiring schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom matching their gender identity.

Bigoted claims of “religious freedom” or false stories of threats to the safety of cisgender people in bathrooms are ludicrous in the face of the documented epidemic of violence transgender people face on a daily basis. Especially trans women of color who are being murdered in increasing numbers each year — they are at the dangerous intersection of racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia.

The Supreme Court even refused to deal with trans rights, which let loose each state’s right to decide about the issue. Wrong. Trans people are entitled to basic civil rights, dignity and safety no matter where they live, and at school or work, in housing and healthcare, or at leisure.

Human rights don’t change at every state’s borders or every city’s limits! And what could be more basic than the right to be yourself and live your life?