Democracy hypocrisy
volume 38
issue 3
June 2017

Whatever else you want to say about the guy, Donald Trump is doing a yuuuge educational service as president. His bogus election and “You’re fired!” presidency are perfectly exposing the limits and fallacies of capitalist democracy.

Our vaunted two-party electoral system, providing for free and fair debate among cream-of-the-crop candidates? Yikes, no!

Winner chosen by popular vote? Nope again.

The lovely constitutional system of checks and balances, with the three branches of government each acting independently and regulating each other? Not so much.

The media as the people’s watchdog on the government, uncovering wrongdoing and speaking truth to power? Hardly. Trump has shown expertly how to bypass, lie to, distract and intimidate the press. And witness how corporate media tumbled all over themselves praising Trump’s Tomahawk missile strikes as “presidential.”

Speaking of the news hounds and pundits, how about their rehabilitation of the FBI and U.S. intelligence services as guardians of all that is holy and good, bastions of the beneficent Western world order against threats both domestic and foreign? OMG.

If ever there was a teachable moment, this is it. It’s time to draw radical conclusions from the evidence staring us right in the face.