Dissent is our right!
volume 38
issue 4
August 2017

The Department of Justice has declared outright war on political protesters. Over 200 anti-Trump demonstrators were arrested on false riot-connected charges. They face trial on eight felony counts that could jail them for 75 years and drown them in $200,000 fines.

The sham charges, extreme sentences and determination to go to trial are giving far-right lawmakers nationwide the green light to do likewise. Drastic laws criminalizing protest have already passed in 19 states since Trump’s election. Our First Amendment rights to assemble and protest are obviously on the cutting block.

For the record, the D.C. police indiscriminately corralled a large number of peaceful demonstrators, journalists and bystanders. With no warning they fired pepper spray, flash grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets and swung batons with gusto. They confiscated all phones and are still searching them for photos, emails, contacts, and social media posts.

In self-defense, demonstrators will need to energetically and collaboratively organize against this blatant attempt to muzzle vast opposition. We do outnumber them, after all, and we’ve had enough of disappearing healthcare, cop murder and criminal callousness from the top. Check out voiceproject.org for information on what’s happening in different states, and some ideas on how to fight back.