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Our Policy

Working class voters deserve candidates who will fight for their interests. By publicizing a provocative platform of much needed and achievable demands under any rational system, FSP candidates are on the cutting edge. Win or lose, they move the political debate into areas that would never be discussed otherwise and present a cogent, leftwing alternative to the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Greens who all support capitalism.

In addition, FSP candidates go out and build support among unions, grassroots organizations, people of color, immigrant communities, feminists, and sexual minorities.Their campaigns are powered and paid for by working people.

In elections where FSP has no candidate, we support other anti-capitalist and socialist office seekers by helping them get on the ballot and sending out letters in which we evaluate socialist candidates and take positions on local and statewide ballot measures. _____________________________________________________

The 2012 FSP Presidential Campaign

Past FSP Campaigns
Linda Averill, Seattle City Council
Jordana Sardo, Oregon State Legislature
FSP Candidates on Ballot in Four States

Ballot measures and endorsements
New York