Clean fracking? No such thing
Chris Smith
volume 35
issue 2
April 2014

At present, France outlaws hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) — the process of pumping water mixed with chemicals into porous rock to drive out oil and natural gas, like an explosive pressure cooker. Fracking endangers workers, drains and contaminates precious water supplies, pollutes the air, contributes to global warming, devastates pristine rural areas, and can cause earthquakes and other seismic chaos.

However, eCORP International of Houston claims that its fracking is “safe and clean,” because it uses pressurized liquid propane gas (LPG) instead of water to get at the fossil fuel. How’s that for Orwellian newspeak? Now eCORP is promoting its new method as a reason to lift the French fracking ban.

Time magazine heralds fracking with LPG as one of the 25 best innovations of 2013. But a tip-off comes from the site, which touts creation of a “series of automated safeguards and remotely operated modules” to frack by remote control. Why go to this trouble if there’s no danger?

But this new technology is neither safe nor clean. Already it has caused explosions leaving dozens of workers hospitalized and engulfing a Canadian fracking well in flames. To counteract the lies, the swelling global environmental movement is militantly educating and organizing.

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