Freedom Socialist Credo

The Freedom Socialist boldly confronts and makes sense of the dizzying events shaping a world in
permanent turmoil. We're Marxists, Leninists, Trotskyists, feminists, revolutionary integrationists,
humanists...we believe that all today's gigantic upheavals are links in an enormous international
effort to topple the multiple tyrannies engendered by the system of production for private profit.

We hail the decisive leadership role played by people of color and by sexual and national minorities in the global class struggle. We focus on women's nonstop fight for equality which, in the last analysis, challenges every single basis on which capitalism rests. Our goal is to inject the socialist movement with the revitalizing ideas of Trotskyism and feminism in order to prepare it for
victory in the crucial years ahead.

About the Freedom Socialist

The Freedom Socialist is published six times a year. The FS offers news and analysis of interest to antiwar and labor organizers, activists of color, feminists, queers and students--anyone searching for radical ideas and solutions. Regular features include a Voices of Color column, Dateline Australia, contributions by Radical Women, movie and book reviews and Spanish translations of key articles.