Tiny house community


Gimme shelter

A radical, practical plan to address the housing crisis. Also: In defense of public housing

Linda Averill


Russia: a new cold war?

Who benefits from pumping another Cold War with Russia, and who doesn’t?

Monica Hill, Andrea Bauer


Why I joined the Freedom Socialist Party

One new member’s answer: “[FSP] comes to the table with a clear program and a vision of what a united left might do.”

Chris Faatz

labor beat

A look at some workers’ actions, including ...

Facebook’s cafeteria has union on the menu; making use of labor history; and angry fishermen in Tunisia thwart bigots.

Bernadette Kelly, Karl Ross, Margaret Viggiani


Stop witch-hunts against the antifa

We need a national defense committee to keep the government and police from dividing anti-fascist forces.


DACA double-cross

Now’s the time to fight for all undocumented immigrants, not pit some against others.


Hungary’s far right rejects refugees

Rich countries in Western Europe and the U.S. should welcome far more of those fleeing Africa and the Middle East.

book review

White Trash

How England’s “waste people” became “white trash” in the U.S. and were used to create racist slavery.

Sukey Wolf


10-point program of the Freedom Socialist Party

Updated. Ideas on how to raise workers' standard of living, save education, uphold civil rights, and more.

letters to the editor

Readers respond to ...

Class analysis clarifies; Zika in Puerto Rico; Jeff Sessions; and food prices. Also: Support political prisoner Jaan K. Laaman.


anti-fascist movement

Fighting fascism: what works and what doesn’t

The only way to keep Nazis and fascists on the run is to boldly out-organize and outnumber them. (English, español)

Putilov plant strikers

radical history

The Russian Revolution turns 100

Understanding the lessons of this 1917 revolution is crucial to the epic task of the the 21st century.

Yankee go home


Unrelieved crisis in Venezuela

Socialist revolutionaries must oppose U.S. intervention in Venezuela, and support Venezuelans’ right to oppose the Maduro government’s failed policies. (English, español)

Prisons for profit


Locking up immigrants for profit

Deportations are down because detention and its slave labor make billions for private prison companies.

Mumia Abu-Jamal

political prisoners

Mumia Abu-Jamal puts racist system on trial

A new Supreme Court ruling offers a glimmer of hope for freedom at last.

Hole in their fence


Palestinians in Gaza besieged by Israel

Gaza has become unlivable because of Israel’s relentless blockades and military attacks.

A threat to students


Betsy DeVos is no friend to students or schools

New Secretary of Education is out to reverse reforms for women and students of color, and replace public education with anti-union charter schools.