Eddie Conway freed!
volume 35
issue 2
April 2014

Black Panther Party leader Marshall “Eddie” Conway is free at last! A political prisoner actively supported by the Freedom Socialist Party and many others, Conway was framed for killing a Baltimore cop 44 years ago and convicted with no physical evidence. He was arrested shortly after exposing a National Security Agency provocateur in the Panthers — hardly a coincidence.

Released as the result of a 2012 ruling by Maryland’s highest court that tossed out hundreds of convictions, Conway is out and unrepentant. He immediately called for an ongoing struggle to free all political prisoners. Too many Black Panthers and other militants, not guilty as charged, continue to languish behind bars.

Albert Woodfox, the remaining incarcerated member of the Angola 3, is one of those men. He has been in solitary confinement for over 40 years, despite three separate rulings overturning his conviction. The three Panthers, organizing within the notorious Angola prison, were falsely charged with killing a guard on the words of a rapist snitch who got perks and parole for his testimony. Sound familiar?

A civil lawsuit filed by the Angola 3 over a decade ago goes to trial on June 2. Woodfox, meanwhile, remains in the hole. Contact angola3.org to help.

Free Albert Woodfox and all political prisoners. End solitary confinement!

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