Open the borders and dump capitalism
volume 36
issue 5
October 2015

Across harsh deserts from the Sahara in Africa to the Southwest in the United States, and over deadly seas in each hemisphere, desperate people are risking their lives to escape what are, at bottom, the results of a frantic quest for profits: wars, repression by domestic tyrants and imperialist invaders, and needless environmental devastation.

Whether these millions are defined as “refugees,” “migrants,” “immigrants,” or “displaced,” they are human beings forced to abandon homelands and homes. All are victims of the gluttonous economy of capitalism, and many are finding the doors of Europe and the United States slammed against them.

But the heart-rending scene of families staring at a closed, militarized Hungarian border prompts the question, why not open the borders? Throw them open for poor and working people trying to survive, like they already are for big business!

The hundreds of thousands of people in Western Europe now marching for immigrant rights could demand that the governments of every economically advanced country immediately open their borders — and that the giant corporations these governments serve pay for the resources necessary for proper resettlement.

Capitalism does not develop or free the lands it exploits and invades; it sucks the life out of them. It’s got to die, so that the planet and its people can flourish.

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