Teachers worldwide standing strong
volume 36
issue 4
August 2015

Everywhere you look teachers are fighting for schools and students — going toe-to-toe with politicians and police across the globe. They are on the frontline of battles, especially to keep public education accessible. Without these class-conscious warriors, education would once again be the privilege of the wealthy elite.

In Mexico, thousands of determined educators took to the streets in June to protest policies that would privatize public education and put workplace rights in peril. In addition to denouncing these policies, the teachers also called for the release of Nestora Salgado and other political prisoners.

In Afghanistan, a series of teachers’ strikes rocked the country, with strikers demanding unpaid wages, salary increases, and land to build homes promised by the government. In India, Bathinda police arrested almost a dozen teachers who were part of a protest for regularization of services and higher wages. In retaliation, teachers have demonstrated for five days (and counting) demanding the release of their compatriots.

Hundreds of New Jersey teachers joined a thousand other unionists and activists to demonstrate against Gov. Christie. The Essex County Education Association called the governor a bully for his ongoing attempts to underfund public education and cut state pensions.

In Ontario, Canadian teachers in multiple unions are organizing — and winning — community support for a walkout in September over ongoing disputes over class size, prep time, autonomy as educators, and wages.

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