Freedom Socialist editorial
TPP environment plan is media sugar water
volume 35
issue 3
June 2014

We would like to extend a Marxist high five to WikiLeaks for once again exposing the nastiness of the rich and powerful and their government lackeys. Earlier this year the anti-secrecy organization released the draft Environmental Chapter of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP is a 12-nation, draft free trade agreement that encompasses 40 percent of world trade.

WikiLeaks president Julian Assange called the draft chapter on the environment “media sugar water” that “… turns out to be a toothless public relations exercise with no enforcement mechanism.”

WikiLeaks is right. A read of the document calls for “voluntary” measures among members and “market based solutions.” The chair of the working group claims this worthless piece of fish wrap is a significant compromise amongst the members.

Though the TPP has been negotiated entirely behind closed doors, what has made it to the public — thanks to WikiLeaks — shows major encroachment into the affairs of sovereign governments and economies in a rigid legal framework. Apparently, privatization of a public enterprise in Malaysia is non-negotiable, but when it comes to environmental obliteration, we need to be “flexible.”

Right on to the whistleblowers who serve a vital role in surfacing the skullduggery of the system!

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