Trump’s dangerous energy adviser
volume 37
issue 3
June 2016

Energy Secretary Sarah Palin? If there’s anything more dangerous than a Trump presidency it could be his advisers and cabinet appointments!

As his nomination for president nears, Donald Trump is finally mentioning energy policy. He and his advisers, not surprisingly, put the profits of fossil fuel companies far above public health. U.S. Rep. Kevin Cramer (R), a zealous drilling advocate from fossil-fuel rich North Dakota, is Trump’s alarming new energy adviser. He is now writing white papers on energy policy.

A known climate-change denier, Cramer is skeptical of the scientific view that global warming causes economic and physical damage. He does support a small carbon tax, but only if it is used to fund research on how to use more coal, not to fund clean energy programs! This matches Trump’s statement that “We are going to bring the coal industry back 100 percent.”

As world environmental crises reach extreme proportions, we should be fighting fossil fuel usage and helping those who suffer the most. But Trump’s advisers, and potential cabinet appointees will only speed up the disastrous impacts of science rejection and corporate greed which threaten our health, our future and Mother Earth.

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