Border refugee plight rooted in US policies
volume 35
issue 4
August 2014

War, drug cartels and starvation have forced unaccompanied children to flee Central America at the US/Mexico border in unprecedented numbers. Dominating the news are images of government buses filled with frightened children and mothers being blockaded by xenophobic “Minutemen,” and some Murrieta, Calif. residents screaming “America for Americans.” The press never reports that these brave “Americans” are living on stolen land.

Mainstream media also never mentions the causes of this shameful border storm. Like, U.S. responsibility for the bloody Honduran military coup, or for turning that country into a U.S. garrison to fight against revolution in Central America. Like, the CIA overthrow of a democratically elected president of Guatemala, which opened 35 years of terrible civil war. Like, utter silence on the unemployment and starvation caused by U.S.-directed free trade agreements.

Obama’s administration is using desperate children to whip up fascist-like hysteria that can turn into lynch mobs unless they are out-organized by defenders of immigrants’ human rights. And that’s exactly what happened. Pro-immigrant demonstrators in California streamed into town to demand due process and immediate amnesty for the refugees. United with immigrants and others who live in the town, they far outnumbered the rightwing demonstrators. Right on!