City College battle: not over by a long shot
volume 34
issue 4
August 2013

The campaign to privatize City College of San Francisco (CCSF) just got nastier.

On July 3, CCSF took a shocking one-two punch. The Accreditation Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, little concerned about education quality, announced its plan to revoke this top academic school’s accreditation in July 2014. Then, the Board of Governors for California Community Colleges, backed by San Francisco’s mayor, dictatorially replaced the elected CCSF Board of Trustees with a tsar.

Within days, Save CCSF, the coalition of students, faculty, staff and community, mobilized thousands to protest at the U.S. Dept. of Education in San Francisco. At a community meeting the next day, participants supported expanding the fight-back by allying with striking unions and schools opposing austerity. Fighting now for a good union contract defends quality education. A Freedom Socialist Party proposal for a school-wide strike and community teach-in excited many.

Some still hope for help from elected officials. But the Democrats are the architects of privatizing or transforming community colleges into factories to produce tech workers. To win, Save CCSF will have to convince these hopefuls and the teachers’ union that victory depends on public support and reaching out to those hardest hit by cutbacks for whom CCSF is a lifeline.

To get involved, email coalition member Bob Price, a chemistry professor at CCSF, at RPChemist@aol.com.

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