Criminalizing activism for Palestinian rights
volume 37
issue 2
April 2016

An Israeli-sponsored campaign to criminalize political activism against Israel’s military occupation of Palestine is on the move. Its target is the Palestinian-led BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanction) movement, which Israel fears will be as successful as the mass movement against South African apartheid. BDS has done a superb job of giving Israel its richly deserved bad name and getting businesses to cut their investments.

In England it is now illegal for city councils, public bodies, and some university student unions to support or work with BDS. Twelve activists in France were prosecuted for wearing BDS shirts. Canada has threatened criminal prosecution.

In the U.S. numerous bills in Congress require state action against BDS. Florida legislators voted to strip government funding from pro-BDS groups. Companies have been fined for supporting boycotts. U.S. colleges are firing professors and penalizing students.

No toleration for outlawing activism!

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