Ferguson: power to the protesters!
volume 35
issue 6
December 2014

As the FS goes to press, a grand jury has not yet returned its finding in the murder of Michael Brown by a policeman in Ferguson. That hasn’t stopped Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon from declaring a state of emergency and calling in the National Guard, or the FBI from warning that the decision will “be exploited by some individuals to justify threats and attacks against law enforcement and critical infrastructure.”

So it’s the community organizers, leftists and youth who are the dangerous ones, not killer cops? And Nixon thinks Ferguson’s increasingly militarized police force isn’t enough firepower to match unarmed protesters. Bull! As one Black minister queried, whose community are they protecting anyway?

Many predict there will be no indictment on Brown’s murder, so people are organizing protests. This is not a crime — but it’s treated as one. Around the globe, from tear-gassed Ferguson activists to massacred Mexican students, heavily armed police forces are used to quash dissent. In these times, where billionaires and beggars live cheek-to-jowl, state-sanctioned violence helps the ruling elite keep the populace in line.

Whether you call them police or federales, they all work for the same capitalist system that breeds poverty, racism, environmental destruction, and war across the planet. Power to the protesters who are refusing to back down. Justice for Michael Brown and all the victims of state-sponsored violence!

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