Honor gay hero Bradley Manning
volume 34
issue 3
June 2013

In April, former grand marshals for San Francisco Gay Pride made nominations for marshals for this year’s parade and voted, as usual. A winner was Bradley Manning, the gay soldier who leaked classified documents that proved war crimes by the U.S. government in Iraq and Afghanistan, among many other offenses.

The president of the SF Pride board, Lisa Williams, immediately countermanded the decision. Williams’ career is in managing Democratic Party campaigns, which probably explains why her statement reads as though it was dictated by the prosecutor in Manning’s case.

Most Pride events have transformed into corporate-sponsored extravaganzas that suppress the original radical messages of gay liberation. But the battle for the soul of Pride lives on. San Francisco organizations from ACT UP to the gay-centered American Legion Post 315 protested the disavowal of Manning. A New York City coalition including the Freedom Socialist Party is organizing a Bradley Manning Pride contingent there.

With his court martial set to start on June 3, Manning deserves the support of his LGBT sisters and brothers — and the support of every peacenik and anti-imperialist. To find out about a June 1 rally at Fort Meade and other support events, visit BradleyManning.org.


Stephen Durham speaking at a Bradley Manning rally in Hartford, Connecticut on June 6, 2013.

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