How to stymie FBI raids and grand juries
volume 33
issue 5
October 2012

THEY MUST BE RUNNING scared, the powers-that-be and their police multitudes. Because armed raids and secret grand juries against political dissidents are on the rise.

First they came for 23 socialist, anti-war, and union movement leaders in the Midwest. Then they went after Carlos Montes, a respected Chicano union and immigrant rights organizer in Los Angeles, and raided homes of anti-NATO march activists in Chicago. Now they’ve targeted the Pacific Northwest, invading several homes of “suspected anarchists” and issuing grand jury subpoenas. One of the targeted, Matt Duran, has been jailed for refusing to testify.

Our arrested, raided, robbed, and subpoenaed comrades, most of them women, have met police-state intimidation steadfastly. No one has agreed to name names or testify to a grand jury. This makes it hard for the poor FBI to file bogus charges and extract information it is not entitled to.

HUNDREDS OF CIVIL LIBERTIES and human rights groups are collaborating to publicize the witch-hunts and organize resistance. Their message: Don’t talk to the FBI or grand juries! Fight back with alliances in the streets and courts! This is what it takes to expose the lies of the government and defeat its efforts to chill public dissent. (Visit the websites of Committee to Stop FBI Repression and Committee Against Political Repression.)