An international reply to union-busters made in the USA
volume 34
issue 1
February 2013

The fires stoked by the Arab Spring and Occupy movement continue to flame across the globe. Take, for example, the angry workers standing up to bullying tactics by U.S. giants Kraft, Hilton, and Coca-Cola.

In Egypt, unionists are demanding that Kraft reinstate five labor leaders who were sacked after a protest of the company’s refusal to pay a government-mandated social allowance. In the Republic of Maldives, an island nation off the coast of India, union members at the Hilton luxury resorts are fighting for management to pay full wages and for the reinstatement of their co-workers terminated in the battle. And employees of Coca-Cola in the Philippines have said Enough! to union-busting efforts by the soda colossus. They are joined by labor activists, youth groups, and social movement organizations that launched a national campaign demanding Coca-Cola respect workers’ rights.

As U.S. companies trample labor and human rights at home and across the globe, ignoring borders and destroying the environment in the process, nothing makes better sense than for U.S. workers exploited by the same companies to make common cause with their working-class sisters and brothers abroad. In solidarity is power!

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