More Israeli madness
volume 35
issue 4
August 2014

From the moment three Israeli teens disappeared on June 12, the government declared the Palestinian group Hamas guilty, and launched a revenge campaign on the West Bank. Soldiers sealed off entire towns, arrested more than 800, invaded homes, killed several Palestinians, and incited rightwing anti-Arab mobs in the streets of East Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Hours after the bodies of the three teens were found, Israeli warplanes started bombing the Gaza Strip. One brigade commander told his revved-up soldiers that their mission is to “wipe out” an “enemy who defames” God. A Palestinian teenager from the West Bank was burned to death two days later. All this with the blessing of the White House and Congress, the regular funders of Israeli atrocities.

The genocide continues, as nearly 1,100 Palestinians have been killed in one month. The power of Palestinian rocks and obsolete rockets pales against advanced Israeli air, sea, and anti-missile weaponry. Although besieged by Israel’s death and destruction from the skies, Palestinians have risen up in outraged protest on the West Bank, in Gaza, and in Israel, where they are joined by progressive Jews. To support them and help build international protest, visit endtheoccupation.org.

Note: Updated July 29, 2014.