A socialist choice for voters in Seattle
volume 33
issue 4
August 2012

The Seattle branch of the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) has unanimously endorsed Socialist Alternative (SA) candidate Kshama Sawant, who is running for a seat in the Washington House of Representatives.

FSP’s endorsement, however, is one of critical support. SA clearly identifies capitalism as the problem and socialism as the solution. But in the presidential election, it has chosen to endorse Green Party candidate Jill Stein rather than the FSP team of Stephen Durham and Christina López, or another anti-capitalist slate.

SA believes that a vote for Stein is the best way “to register a left-wing protest against the two parties of big business.” But this approval of a reformist promotes the delusion that a kinder, gentler type of capitalism is possible — contradicting the message of SA’s own campaign.

The most powerful way for socialists with similar programs to participate in elections would be with joint slates and a united voice. A good start would be mutual support for each others’ candidates.

In the meantime, the SA election platform is excellent. It stands for the things working people really need — like a jobs program to provide full employment; taxing big business and the rich to fund human needs; ending police brutality and institutional racism; and guaranteeing the rights of women, LGBT people, and immigrants. FSP urges voters in Seattle’s 43rd district to give Sawant a thumbs up.