Sunshine for Mumia Abu-Jamal
volume 38
issue 3
June 2017

Good news! As of April, political prisoner Mumia began a long-denied treatment for Hepatitis C. The relatively new procedure is almost 100 percent effective.

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections fought tooth and nail to deny court-ordered treatment. They delayed for three months after a judge ruled in early January that treatment should begin within 21 days.

Now that Abu-Jamal and his supporters have broken through the dam of obstruction, there is hope for the estimated 9,000 infected Pennsylvania prisoners to get this life-saving cure.

And legal prospects are looking up. Mumia’s defense team has filed to overturn his conviction. A 2016 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court granted Terrance Williams a new trial, blasting Pennsylvania Chief Justice Ronald Castille for refusing to recuse himself from a decision on Williams’ appeal. A death penalty fan, Castille was formerly the state district attorney, and had approved the decision to seek Williams’ execution.

These circumstances eerily mirror Mumia’s. Castille also was the DA when Abu-Jamal was railroaded, and as a judge again refused to take himself off appeals. After 35 years behind bars for a crime Mumia didn’t commit, a glimmer of justice flickers. Free Mumia now!