Sukey Durham
volume 2
issue 1
Summer 1976

How your three daughters

thought you were dying this time for sure,

came home one summer night

meeting in the airport at 4 a.m.

to catch another flight up the coast.


The airport was nearly deserted and

devoid of women except for the janitors

and ticket agents. How the men

gawked at us and turned around to watch

the big women striding abreast

down the empty corridors,

talking and laughing

holding ourselves together

with no use for them.


At dawn we boarded a small plane

and sat in the rear, joking

that the door would fall off

at any moment. There was

no need to hide ourselves, or sit

humble and diminished

three unguarded women trying to pass

through the world unnoticed.


The wings dipped and we headed

out over the ocean and I thought:

Mama, you would be proud.