Desperately seeking universal healthcare
volume 33
issue 4
August 2012

In a 5-4 decision, a split U.S. Supreme Court issued a split verdict on the Affordable Care Act (known, mostly derisively, as “Obamacare”). The court upheld mandatory fines coercing people to purchase private insurance, but took away the federal government’s ability to force states to join the expanded Medicaid program. Some states are balking, potentially leaving millions to continue with no coverage.

Overall, the Democrats got what they wanted: the act survived. Expanded Medicaid will be paid for by funds saved from Medicare, which doesn’t bode well for Medicare patients. And requiring insurance while placing few restraints on patient costs is not the same as ensuring sound medical care for more people.

Republicans, meanwhile, offered no healthcare relief and even threatened to eliminate existing programs. A pox on both their houses for playing politics with people’s lives.

The Freedom Socialist presidential write-in campaign stands for free, comprehensive medical care for every U.S. resident, regardless of immigration status — paid for by taxing the corporations and taking the Pentagon offline.

Let’s nationalize the entire medical industry, including Big Pharma, under workers’ control. In collaboration with patients, healthcare workers are best-placed to decide how to serve the people. Let’s make universal healthcare real!