Vote socialist!
volume 37
issue 4
August 2016

The Freedom Socialist Party’s (FSP) recommendation for your anti-capitalist protest vote in November goes to Socialist Action’s (SA) write-in candidates Jeff Mackler for president and Karen Schraufnagel for vice president. SA puts forward a far-reaching program that includes abolishing the U.S. war machine; getting rid of racist, sexist, and homophobic laws and practices; amnesty, legalization, and equal rights for all immigrants; and conversion to renewable energy with guaranteed jobs for displaced workers. (For more, see

FSP’s support, however, is critical, due to problems like SA’s opportunism in the anti-war movement, where it has opposed taking an anti-capitalist stand (see the 2011 Freedom Socialist editorial “Not So Democratic”), and its position on Syria, which identifies the conflict too completely as the work of the U.S., woefully underestimating the role of the Arab Spring.

Their Syria position comes close to that of two Stalinist groups FSP is not recommending, Workers World Party and Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL). These two organizations go farther by supporting dictator Assad on the false grounds that he is “anti-imperialist.” PSL, moreover, crossed the class line by urging people to vote for Democrat Bernie Sanders during the primary season.

The Socialist Workers Party (SWP) is also running candidates, but its effort suffers in comparison to SA’s, and some of SWP’s recent positions, for example opposing transgender bathroom rights and protests of Donald Trump, are distinctly retrograde.

FSP believes that the ballot worth casting is the one that says “No!” to thieving capitalism and its electoral enabler. Vote for the greater good, not the “lesser evil”!

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