Labor Weather Report – December 2015
A glance at how some workers and their unions are faring in the class struggle.
volume 36
issue 6
December 2015

Ongoing — ATI Lockout still on. In August 2015, Allegheny Technologies Inc. locked out 2,200 United Steelworker members. The company demands steep pay and benefit cuts of its workforce, even as five executives received $19 million in pay boosts. USW is pushing back with spirited rallies and picket line power.

November 2015 — Farmworker victory. The Environmental Protection Agency is finally proposing to ban the deadly pesticide chlorpyrifos from fields. Farm-worker children are especially vulnerable to the poison, which drifts into nearby air and water. United Farm Workers and environmentalists teamed up to push the EPA into action.

Ongoing — Crab workers fired. U.S.-based Phillips Seafood advertises “romantic dining” at its upscale East Coast restaurants. But 205 casual workers at its crab meat factory in Indonesia, 60 percent of them women, were fired by text message after they unionized. Workers are fighting for safe conditions and permanent jobs.

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