Labor Weather Report
A glance at how some workers and their unions are faring in the class struggle
Linda Averill
volume 36
issue 5
October 2015

September 2015 — Making the public pay. Confronted with $72 billion in debt, Puerto Rico’s government is calling for “shared sacrifice.” Thousands of public-sector unions protest because the public is being expected to shoulder the entire burden. Plans include school closures and contracting for-profit companies to run public roads and ports. Resistance and rage is strong.

September 2015 — Civics lesson in Seattle. On the first day of school, Seattle K-12 teachers go on strike to demand pay raises, adequate recess time for students, lower workloads, and a reduction in standardized high-stakes testing. The stoppage comes on the heels of a state Supreme Court ruling that calls privatized charter schools into question. The lesson? Fully fund public schools!

In Progress — India’s Parliament blinks. More than 150 million workers across India respond to calls for a 24-hour strike against proposed labor law “reforms” that will gut job security. The action costs $3.7 billion in lost business and Parliament quickly backpedals — for now. Unions draw up a Charter of Demands that includes Social Security for all workers, and price controls.

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