Labor Weather Report
A glance at how some workers and their unions are faring in the class struggle
volume 37
issue 2
April 2016

March 2016 — France: 35-hr. week at risk. Students and workers hit the streets across France to defend their 35-hour work week and laws that discourage layoffs. The nation’s left-leaning government is selling “reforms” to supposedly fix high unemployment. Clearly, the public isn’t buying.

January 2016 — Detroit teachers “get sick”. Tired of packed classes, moldy buildings, and pricey consultants, school teachers held rolling sickouts in January at more than 148 schools. Teachers are demanding an end to “emergency managers” and the return of Detroit’s schools to its citizens.

In Progress — Nurses say Union Yes! In three months, 1,695 medical workers voted to join the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals. More union elections are scheduled. PASNAP’s secret? Union democracy and worsening labor conditions in healthcare.

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