Stopping Friedrichs
Steve Hoffman
volume 37
issue 2
April 2016

Unionists are alarmed by a case now before the U.S. Supreme Court, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, that threatens to impose a right-to-work regime on all public sector unions in the U.S. Unfortunately, top labor leaders haven’t begun mobilizing to beat back this attack.

But many rank and filers are busy launching a spirited defense of the organizations that safeguard their dignity on the job. They have promoted a resolution that calls on labor to organize massive marches to defend both public employee unions and public services. The resolution has passed in various local and regional affiliates of seven large national unions.

A multi-union group, Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity, has initiated a petition to pressure the Supreme Court to reject Friedrichs and honor unions. Now activists are circulating an open letter that urges major unions to organize a nationwide day of action against Friedrichs on May Day.

Some say don’t worry — the death of Justice Scalia means the lower court ruling against Friedrichs will stand. In truth, the case may just be on pause. Now is the time to build a fighting movement to stop it and the larger assault on unions.

Sign the petition at And download the resolution here. Stop union busting in its tracks!

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