Yvonne Wanrow Update
volume 3
issue 1
Spring 1977

The Washington State Supreme Court has held firm to its decision to overturn Yvonne Wanrow’s conviction and return the case to lower courts for retrial. Spokane County Prosecutor Brockett had asked the Court to reconsider its ruling, and he must now decide whether to try Wanrow again or drop the proceedings.

Wanrow, Colville Indian mother of three, was convicted of second degree murder for the 1972 shooting death of William Wesler, a disturbed man previously convicted of child molestation. Wanrow was forced to defend her family and herself after repeated pleas to Spokane police for help were ignored.

Wanrow requests supporters to demand that the prosecutor drop all further legal proceedings against her. Write or telegraph Donald C. Brockett, State Prosecutor’s Office, County-City Public Safety Building, Spokane, W A 99201. Contributions for Wanrow’s defense should be sent to:

Yvonne Wanrow Defense Committee, P.O. Box 49, Inchelium, W A 99138