Women’s rights are not negotiable


Women’s rights are not negotiable

Marching against the right wing is a priceless opportunity to revitalize a militant women’s movement.

Bernadette Kelly


Solving climate crisis requires revolution

A clear-headed explanation of why two centuries of capitalism is the cause of the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and landmasses.

Peter Murray


Turkey: a police state in the making

A brutish regime is targeting Kurds, working people and youth who oppose tyrant Erdoğan’s far-right politics and purges.

Helena Rivka Sheinkman

us elections

Fighting spirit shines at post-election forums

Activists in five cities meet to strategize against right-wing assaults.

Muffy Sunde

political resolution

Where we are and how we got here

Examining the origins of economic inequality and political divisions, and proposing future strategies. Highlights from the major document of FSP’s 2016 convention.

Andrea Bauer

political prisoners

Mumia scores important win

A court order granting Mumia abu-Jamal treatment for Hepatitis C could help thousands of other inmates.


Never again!

Right-wing calls for a ban on Muslims is the same kind of racist scapegoating that led to the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII.

Nancy Reiko Kato

book review

American-born terrorism

Blood at the Root examines a decades-long “racial cleansing” in one Jim Crow county in Georgia.

Sukey Wolf


The art of Black working-class life

How refreshing to see two fine films — Loving and Fences — about African American working people.


A slippery slope in choice for Defense

Picking General Mattis for Secretary of Defense violates a central principle of U.S. democracy — civilian control of defense.


Putin: the cost of turning back history

The International Monetary Fund, with the aid of capitalist strongman Putin, has transformed once well-paid USSR workers into harsh sweatshop victims.


Labor Weather Report

A glance at how some workers and their unions are faring in the class struggle.

Lois Danks

letters to the editor

Readers respond to ...

The U.S. election analysis; more economic myths; Parkinson’s disease; prison censorship; and more.

Boycott Trump


Class: it’s where we find our strength

Why did millions of working people, incensed that billionaires thrive while they suffer, vote for a billionaire?

Riding in the snow

indigenous struggles

Voices from Standing Rock

Interviews with Native water warriors on the front lines.

Rogues gallery

us politics

Rogues Gallery

The new U.S. President’s cabinet is an alarming lineup of foxes in the henhouse.

Graduation day


What now for the Dreamers?

Undocumented youth are already organizing against Trump’s promised deportations. (English, español)

Am I next?

police state

Police accountability

A coalition in New York City says: Let’s take it to the voters.