Cut to the bone


Cut to the bone

Trump’s budget is an atrocity from town to country.

Dennis Sanders


Attack on Medicaid ignites resistance

Civilians with disabilities are leading the charge.

Jared Houston


Nation’s top cop: throwback to the Old South

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ absolute right-wing politics seek to turn the clock way back.

Lois Danks


Puyallup tribe and friends vs. big oil

Native American and environmental activists wage courageous fight against fracked gas plant.

Megan Cornish

radical women

Zika, birth defects, and government lies

In Puerto Rico, women and children are trapped in the middle of a crisis.

Margaret Viggiani


Political dissent is our right!

Government criminal charges against inaugural protesters an attempt to muzzle vast opposition.


G20 disruptions — how exhilarating!

“Shut down capitalism” was a telling roar from a hundred thousand in Hamburg, Germany.


Police murder a daily crime

Outraged demands rising for elected civilian review boards with power to prosecute cops.

book review

Secondhand Time

Personal interviews with people of the former Soviet Union reveal their socialist hopes and Stalinist tragedies.

Helen Gilbert


Food — gotta have it, can’t afford it!

Most of us can only buy cheap, chemical-laden old stuff. Capitalism too is past its “sell-by” date. Begone with both!

Bernadette Kelly


Labor Weather Report

A glance at how some workers and their unions are faring in the class struggle.

Jared Houston

letters to the editor

Readers respond to articles on ...

Fracking and earthquakes; the U.S. dollar; and healthcare. Also: notes on a farewell event for Rasmea Odeh, and a call to release human rights activists in Turkey. Plus: Freedom Socialist fund drive success.

Der Spiegel cover


Capital in the 21st century

Why Marx’s Capital speaks even more to our time than his.

Reform or revolution?


Reform or revolution

The Democratic Socialists of America: can reform be the route to radical change?

Tsipras on the spot


Greeks betrayed by Syriza reformists

The imperialist debt trap imposed on Greece; and the Radical Left that turned out not to be radical.

Have a nice day

human rights

Sanctuary and shelter for all

Los Angeles petition presents some practical solutions for threatened immigrants and homeless. (English, español)

Guided missile sub


US hypocrisy in North Korea

The back story behind the latest round of -saber-rattling and fear-mongering.

Rustin with maps

voices of color

Bayard Rustin: early civil rights organizer

Crucial figure behind the historic 1963 March on Washington.

Union strong


“Right to work” law goes to Supreme Court

Janus v. AFSCME is trying to kill public unions. Labor and the public have a big stake in defeating it.

Confronting violent bigotry


Confronting violent bigotry with solidarity

A refreshing report and explanation on how to stand up to mounting far-right viciousness.