Workers' Rights

Change the rules through union power, seized by workers!

Full-time, permanent, award, conditions, pay rates, safety, security, satisfaction, career, retirement. These were once everyday words in the workplace.


How to make change: generations of campaigners win marriage equality

The result was decisive: about 80% participated and 61.6% voted yes. Despite the outcome, there were still politicians who tried to impose discriminatory amendments.

New Zealand

A new government for New Zealand but workers’ struggles continue

For the first time in nine years and three election terms, the National Party is out. The Labour Party is in — but with a little help from some old friends.

Koori kid

Indigenous Rights

Indigenous youth: Preventing child removals is imperative for justice

The facts are known and so are the underpinning causes, yet the scale of the problem continues to rise exponentially.


Youth Justice

Stop Failing Our Kids Petition presented to absent Minister

Speakers voiced their concerns about the huge increase in police numbers and powers and that the government countenanced incarcerating children in adult prisons.

Moreland protest


Popular opposition grows to “Australia Day”

“You can call it what you want, but it just don’t mean a thing”


Workers' Rights

Unity is strength: the Suburban Guards’ Strike of 1987

A bit of working class history