Greetings to the convention from Mexico
volume 37
issue 6
December 2016

Excerpts from greetings by the Partido Obrero Socialista.

Revolutionary Marxists in Mexico and around the world have things to learn from FSP that are essential for constructing our own parties, including the role of women workers. This is reflected in FSP’s advocacy of socialist feminism and in the intelligent, patient and enthusiastic leadership of FSP women leaders and female party members. The revolutionary collaboration of these compañeras with male co-leaders, with gays and people of all races in a party atmosphere characterized by both criticism and harmony, means the FSP stands today as indestructible.

The sophisticated workings of a revolutionary Marxist party cannot be improvised when the objective revolutionary situation arrives. The development of revolutionary party leadership and ranks is a slow, complex and at times painful process.

Today we see the bourgeois crisis manifested in growing inequality in wealth, precarious employment opportunities, racist violence, popular resistance, and the emergence on the political scene of a psychopathic candidate garnering high approval ratings. We are confident that the coming period will produce conditions more favorable for the building of revolutionary organizations.

The FSP stands as a living example of proletarian internationalism, illustrated as much by its activism in the heart of the Latina/o community as by its solidarity with the people of Mexico.

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