Letters to the editor
volume 37
issue 6
December 2016


Everett Massacre

Thanks for the excellent article on the Everett Massacre [“1916 Everett Massacre: deadly attack on Wobblies in the Pacific Northwest,” Vol. 37, No. 5]. Readers would like to know that in the 1970s the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) invited IWW member Jack Miller and his wife Victoria to speak at the FSP’s Seattle hall.

Jack had been aboard the Verona and was one of those charged with murder and acquitted. Miller’s vivid depictions were a grand lesson in union history. Jack was the last IWW survivor of the event. He died in 1986 at the age of 96.

Henry Noble, Seattle


A history of racism

Andrea Bauer’s article “The grand illusion: How the 1 percent gain the ‘consent’ of the 99 percent” [Vol. 37, No. 4] points out that former president Bill Clinton was responsible for NAFTA and growth of the prison industrial complex.

It also talks about the amnesia of the Democratic Party so lets delve further back into history. Throughout the reconstruction era who was it that used violence to undermine the political rights of African Americans and white Republicans in the south? Democrats were the ones that reigned terror on the minorities and non-whites.

Jason Walker, Amarillo, Texas


Join Dec. 9 protests

Mumia faces deteriorating health with his untreated hepatitis C infection and a further risk from the black, oily water being piped into SCI Mahanoy — unfit to drink, unfit to bathe in.

Prisoners are given three small cups of water at each meal and no clean water to bathe in. These tactics amount to “death by neglect.”

It is not just Mumia Abu-Jamal, or even the 2 million U.S. prisoners, whose lives are threatened by the hepatitis C epidemic and unsafe water: it’s all working people on the planet.

And so we are calling everyone who can to make their way to Philadelphia on Friday, December 9, to rally in the streets. The rally will be followed by a program to develop our strategy and next steps to get Mumia cured — with the life-saving drugs he needs — and to get him free — through a court challenge based on the recent Supreme Court ruling in Williams v. Pennsylvania.

We are also calling on people who cannot be in Philadelphia that day to organize protests wherever you are.

www.freemumia.org, Philadelphia


Love the website

I am a proud socialist, feminist, atheist, intellectual and activist in the American southwest.

I wanted to personally take the time to thank all of you who put up this web site (www.socialism.com), as I was extremely off-put by the Party for Socialism and Liberation’s (PSL) site and went on a hunt for a tried-and-true place for like-minded people.

I was also extremely happy to see the portions calling out organized religions as pacifiers and the PSL for their actions and affiliations. You have entirely made my week better!

Keep up the awesome work, and if there’s anything I can ever do to help out, I would be glad to do so!

Cory C. , Albuquerque, N.M.

For your efforts

Freedom Socialist, appreciating your work I am!

J. Rensch, Northwood, Ohio


Prisons ban Black newspaper

Prison administrations in several states have banned prisoners from receiving the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper, a grassroots paper that has published articles by and about prisoners for decades.

The bans began in July in an attempt to silence those preparing for the September 9 nationwide prison strike.

Since the strike began, dozens of prisoners have reportedly been placed in solitary confinement, transferred to distant facilities, or attacked with weapons and tear gas. In Texas prisons, there has been a spate of suicides.

Articles sent from prisons to the SF Bay View reporting these conditions have been intercepted.

Denying access to the SF Bay View violates prisoners’ rights to freedom of speech and press.

A petition is circulating on rootsaction.org to tell prison administrators to lift the ban.


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