Duciana Thomas, 1987–2016
volume 37
issue 6
December 2016

Duciana Thomas, Bay Area Radical Women (RW) member and former coordinator of the local Comrades of Color Caucus, a joint body of RW and the Freedom Socialist Party, died suddenly on Nov. 1 at the age of 29. Passionate and unwavering in her convictions, Thomas will be missed by all who knew her.

Her experiences as a Black queer feminist and native San Franciscan raised in the Bayview neighborhood brought Duci to a life of revolutionary activism and to socialist feminism. Carrying on a proud tradition of Black radicals, she organized around class lines because she believed class is at the heart of injustice and exploitation, which no group can eliminate on its own.

Participating with RW in the 2012-2013 campaign to stop the privatization of City College of San Francisco, Thomas focused on organizing women of color students. Her student involvement with the campus Gender Diversity Project and Women’s Resource Center proved invaluable in reaching women most impacted by the cuts. She wrote about this fight in the Red Letter Press anthology Talking Back: Voices of Color.

When the recent protests erupted against police brutality, Thomas was on the front lines. An outspoken advocate for an elected civilian review board, she was excited about organizing for working-class control of the cops in San Francisco.

Duci’s outspokenness against injustice and determination to build an inclusive movement inspired other young women. A keen analyst of world events, she was an articulate spokesperson whose opinions were much respected. Her voice was silenced all too soon.

Duciana, ¡presente!

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