G20 disruptions — how exhilarating!
volume 38
issue 4
August 2017

“Shut down capitalism!” shouted 100,000 protesters at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. They came from several countries to rebuke the rulers of the richest, most powerful nations on every continent. These heads of state are responsible for the intense human suffering caused by their capitalist economies. They confer and vote endlessly in G20, but do nothing about global social and ecological devastation, nothing about desperate refugees and permanent war.

For four days, Hamburg was awash with banners, puppets of Trump, a posse of zombies, an environmental flotilla and the over-publicized Black Bloc anarchists. Most significant was the Solidarity Without Borders demonstration that was well organized by an international alliance of 174 groups. Communists, anti-war agitators, feminists, unions, anti-fascists, anarchists, social democrats and liberals camped together, debated, collaborated and marched against the global ravages of capitalism.

The city was highly militarized, with 20,000 cops in riot gear, drones, helicopters and checkpoints. Not surprisingly, the police provoked a riot and injury when they fired water cannons on the crowds.

Congratulations to the Hamburg dissenters! Theirs was a declaration of ever-expanding resolve to fight these 21st century empires. And a call for international unity in this worthy task.