Hungarian rightists reject refugees
volume 38
issue 5
October 2017

Immigrants from Africa and the Middle East continue to stream across Europe’s southern borders to find safety and a new life.

One of the places they land is Hungary. Its far-right government has erected a 13-foot-high fence along the border to keep people out. Migrants are beaten by border guards, deprived of food and medical care, and forced into detention camps that bar journalists.

The European Union wants Hungary to admit more migrants. Hungary refuses, and refugees don’t want to stay to be mistreated by the racist government.

The refugee crisis will not abate until the conditions that drive people from their homes change. War, famine and climate change are the main reasons people undertake the perilous journey to Europe.

Rich countries like the U.S. and Western Europe could significantly impact the crisis by taking in many more migrants. After all, it’s imperialist countries like the U.S., France and Britain that are responsible for endless wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and beyond. And for the deadly climate change that propels migrants into such uncertain futures.

Open the borders! No human is illegal!