FSP in Australia

The Australian Section of the Freedom Socialist Party was founded in 1982 and has a proud history leading successful fights against Nazis, anti-choice bigots and workplace discrimination. We look to the leadership of the most oppressed sections of the working class, making us unique on the Australian left. We’re also committed to building women’s leadership through our support for and collaboration with Radical Women. In contrast to those immobilised by gloom, we’re optimists because we believe in the power of the multi-racial working class.

We're revolutionary feminists, both women and men, who are organising to replace capitalism with an environmentally sustainable socialist society — free of sexism, racism, homophobia — based on planning and workers democracy. This goal is impossible as long as we live on stolen land — that's why we fight for self-determination for Australia's Aboriginal nations. We're workplace delegates in our unions and grass roots activists in our communities. We push for working class people to organise in our own interests instead of dancing to the tune of the Australian Labor Party which, like the reactionary opposition parties, governs in the interests of big business. We’re opponents of Australian imperialism and its military defence of profits in Afghanistan, Iraq, East Timor and the Solomons.

The FSP is an internationalist party and we value our relationship with the founding U.S. section. We warmly welcome new members to our democratic ranks and provide both theoretical education and practical skills to prepare all who seriously want to make a difference to lead! Get in touch and get active – you can be part of the solution!