About Us

About the Freedom Socialist Party

The Freedom Socialist Party is a working class organization composed of women and men of many races, nationalities, sexual orientations and ages who are fighting for a new, just social order that will serve the majority of the human race. In a time of environmental and economic crisis, perpetual war, high unemployment, immigrant scapegoating and rampant corporate theft, we reject despair and work collectively for a future cleansed of all oppression and violence. We agree with the advice offered by Eduardo Galeano, the Uruguayan socialist who wrote Open Veins of Latin America: “Save your pessimism for better times."

FSP members are optimistic because we recognize that the best fighters for a new future are the resilient, harassed working class majority in this country. Nobody needs fundamental change in this corrupt, top-down economic and political system like we do.

Congress doesn’t bail us out, banks don’t cut us any slack if we fall behind on our bills, cops don’t look the other way, colleges don’t admit us without cash, insurance companies won’t give us medical coverage if we have a pre-existing condition, nobody helps us pay for childcare and Medicare doesn’t cover our “donut hole.”

All we need is one good socialist revolution in this country to turn this all around and put power in the hands of those who create wealth—working class folk like YOU.

Find a branch near you to learn more or get in touch with our National Office. Attend one of our many study groups or events. Read our platform, our history or our founding documents to find out more. And if you agree with what we stand for, join us!!