Reignite the movement for refugee rights


Time to rebuild the movement to end the persecution of refugees

Revival of the movement for the rights of refugees, and all immigrants' rights, is urgent. The government, in cahoots with the right wing, will continue to work overtime to whip up xenophobia as a way to divide working people in Australia from those outside.

Debbie Brennan

Time to take action!


Sisters, let’s emulate Dora Montefiore!

Looking to a feminist from the past to get inspired for today.

Aboriginal hip hop


Aboriginal Hip-Hop promotes pride

Resistance, survival and pride are themes inseparable from hip-hop music produced by Aboriginal Australians.

South Africa


Post-Apartheid South Africa shows the need to take on capitalism

South Arica's desperately poor Black population still suffers the crippling poverty and dispossession of the Apartheid decades.